Documentary - 1h - 2023

From the Seal to the Plate

Immoral to some, but eco-responsible and attractive to a growing number of culinary professionals and even environmental experts: Réjean Vigneau, a butcher from the Magdalen Islands, suggests harvesting some of the seals – that are widely considered to be in overpopulation in the Gulf of St. Lawrence – and to put them on our plates.

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From the Seal to the Plate

It is widely understood that the seal population in the waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence has reached critical levels as natural predators have disappeared and hunting has practically ceased. Meanwhile, seals are an invaluable culinary resource in the eyes of chefs from across the country that are increasingly snapping up this gastronomic treasure. The Magdalen Island butcher Réjean Vigneau has given himself the mandate to introduce this unique local meat to Quebecers.

Our film proposes a reflection on the potential of seal meat as a natural and next-to-untapped gastronomic and nutritional resource, despite its controversial image in the public media.



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