"The world was like a huge red carpet out ahead of me to be walked on. And it stretched on and on, no end."

- Elia Kazan

Tapis Rouge Films specialises in media production for the TV, cinema and online markets. Based in Eastern Quebec, our team deploys its talents all over the province… and the entire world.

Our values are reflected in each one of our productions: we create socially and environmentally responsible content and fill our productions with heart and hope.

Our history

After several years in the film industry of Montreal, Evelyne Lafleur Guy left the big city in 2013 to found Tapis Rouge Films in Rimouski, the heart of Quebec’s Lower St-Lawrence region, and a fertile land for ideas. Her production company is now composed of three inspired and inspiring permanent employees; and it collaborates with a dozen media creators.

Our mission

Tapis Rouge Films’ mission is to tell stories that have strong human and social characters; stories that are anchored in their physical locations but that are universal in their message. These are stories that nourish our ancestral roots and our imagination, stories that stimulate our minds, and stories that force us to reflect, to learn, and, not least, to dream.

"The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation."

- Robert Iger

Our team

Evelyne Lafleur Guy

Evelyne Lafleur Guy


Evelyne has been working in cinematographic production for more than fifteen years. Holder of a BA in Communications from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM), she began her career as a right hand to the producers of numerous fiction full feature films in the Montréal area. In the following years, Evelyne has filled a wide splay of positions in the film industry, ranging from producer for the Cinéma et Centre de Production Paraloeil in Rimouski to positions as Coordinator of International Affairs at the Paris and Montréal offices of the Société de Développement des Entreprises Culturelles (SODEC). Finally, in 2013, Evelyne founded her own production house, Tapis Rouge Films, in Rimouski. Via Tapis Rouge Films, Evelyne has been collaborating with partners including the NFB, CBC/Radio-Canada, TV5 and other broadcasters; and she now counts over a dozen film productions to her portfolio.

Karine Lamontagne

Karine Lamontagne

Production coordinator - Assistant director

Having left her native region of Abitibi in order to study and commence her film career in Montreal, it is in the Lower St-Lawrence region that Karine has settled down in 2018. Karine has evolved on numerous film sets in Montreal as an assistant director and coordinator for productions ranging from documentary series, magazines and web series via short films and music videos to commercials. By working five consecutive years on the production of Les Coulisses du Bye Bye, Karine has truly learned to manage a production from A to Z, from the very first creative meetings to the last editing corrections. As such, Karine contributes a solid expertise in the television industry, as well as an experience-based vision of the entire cinematographic production from its early beginnings to the final delivery.

Elias Pottek

Elias Pottek

Production administrator

Originally from the Hamburg region in northern Germany, Elias has been living in Rimouski since 2016 and has been playing various roles in the operations of Tapis Rouge Films. Elias holds a PhD in geography from the University of Montréal, as well as an MBA from the HEC Montréal and he has vast experience as an academic researcher in social and political geography. Very active in his roles as production administrator, researcher and bookkeeper with Tapis Rouge Films, Elias navigates between his passions in aviation, academic research and cinema.

Our partners

  • Fonds des médias du Canada
  • Telefilm Canada
  • Savoir Média
  • TV5
  • Radio-Canada
  • ICI Explora
  • SODEC Québec
  • Ma communauté
  • ONF
  • TV5 Monde
  • Arbre-évolution