Documentary - 48 minutes - 2019

Overcoming Image

A journey to meet these people who defy bodily standards and celebrate diversity.

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Affiche S'affranchir de l'image

Overcoming Image

In our era of universal communications, idealized images of more or less standardized “perfect bodies” are continuously relayed to us all on all media platforms. As millions strive to attain omnipresent beauty standards, there are also those that reject standardization and celebrate body diversity instead. Overcoming Image presents naturists who proclaim an “unmanaged, honest, relaxed and natural” mind-body relation, queers and feminists who challenge gender stereotypes, people with disabilities who claim their uniqueness not as unfortunates, but rather as normal members of a diverse society, and “curvy” women who claim the spotlight and present their beauty to admiring spectators... Overcoming Image invites us to join in: To overcome image, to be simply ourselves, in all our diversity, and to accept and love who we really are!

With the participation of: Julie Proulx, Arnaud Beauchamp, Laurence Caron-Castonguay, Anastasia Marcelin, Laurence Parent, Mélanie Richer, Vanessa Ruest-Vignola, Michel Vaïs



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