Fiction - 11 minutes - 2013


Maxime decides to apply a shock therapy to bring his withering father back to life.

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Affiche Vidéodep


Aimé has operated the convenience store and video-club Vidéodep for 35 years: Every day appears like the previous, bringing forth parasitic clients that spit out ever-the-same banalities over the movie racks and chip bags on the counter. One beautiful morning, arriving customers find Aimé with a hunting rifle under his chin, preparing to commit suicide. Confronted by the scene, they attempt to intervene and defuse the unfolding drama. But this, it seems, more to protect themselves from the looming void of Aimé’s departure and the loss of an anchor point in their daily routines than to help and save a friend in need. Finally, Aimé’s son Maxime reverts to a shock therapy in the attempt to bring his father back to life.

Featuring: Yvon Barrette, Steven Lee Potvin, Mathieu Barrette, Jocelyn Pelletier, Marie-Chantal Therrien.

Awards and recognitions

  • Festival Vues dans la tête de... - Rivière-du-Loup, Canada
  • DC Shorts Film Festival - Washington, USA


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