Documentary - 10 x 48 minutes - 2024

The Gross Domestic Happiness Project

A small encyclopaedia of the world’s most beautiful discoveries to create a happier planet.

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The Gross Domestic Happiness Project

How can we live on earth in a meaningful way in this year of 2024? How can we achieve a balance of life in this world together? How can we build our human community in a way that all people can lay a claim to happiness, from Brasil to Finland, from South Korea to Italy via South Africa and Greece? In a quest of this legendary ideal, the globetrotting filmmaker Hugo Latulippe enters into the minds and lives of some of those that contribute to the ideas of our time; and he invites us to take part in his journey between ancient wisdom and cutting edge knowledge from north to south across the globe. Celebrating life, this series constitutes a small encyclopedia of some of the most beautiful findings to build a happier world.



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