Magazine - 16 x 30 minutes - 2020

And What does it Change?

A vision of a reinvented world in which society truly bestows itself the mission to preserve our planet.

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Affiche Ça change quoi

And What does it Change?

The Climate Crisis… What does it change? This is the question that Hugo Latulippe, filmmaker and essayist, poses to thinkers, activists, artists and scientists. These, in turn, share with us their visions of a reinvented world, in which society sincerely adopts the mission to preserve our planet.

In this interview-based documentary magazine the filmmaker and ecologist Hugo Latulippe examines the various dimensions and stakes of the climate crisis. As determined by the fields of expertise of the invited guests, the crisis is discussed from natural-scientific, social, historical, anthropologic, philosophic and nutrition-related perspectives. Beyond a practical look at the means of adopting a more sustainable lifestyle for our climate, we will propose a deeper contemplation, and attempt to nourish a vision of our world in which society attributes itself the mission to truly protect and preserve our environment.

Our guests are handpicked for the diversity and relevance of their viewpoints. Lucid, resolute and combative, the interviewees compete in their wisdom and intelligence to assist us on our path to a more sustainable future.



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